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Dynamic Auto Detailing was formed in January of 1990 by Mike Hall. Auto detailing was the focus point and Mike wanted to be different from the other companies. Most provided the bulk of their service to dealerships, which meant you got a “armour all” type of greasy dashboard, slicked up tires, and a one step glazing on your paint. So, when you picked up your vehicle you probably had the reaction, “The price was cheap but I could have done this at home.” Mike designed a process which could not be duplicated at home or by the competition. Over the years this process has continually been improved upon and refined. We continue to strive to be the very best at what we do.

In January 2006, Dynamic Auto Detailing L.L.C. purchased a well known and respected company in Urbandale, Auto Artists Inc. Auto Artists was a market leader in professional paint chip and scratch touch up, bumper scuff repair, and door ding and dent removal. The original owners of Auto Artists had built their business in much the same way Mike had at Dynamic Auto Detailing. They had designed a paint touch up process which could not be duplicated at home or by the competition. This process has been continually improved upon and they had strived to be the very best at what they did. After the buy out, the companies were soon merged into one facility and operating under one name, Dynamic Auto Detailing L.L.C. This merger allows a customer the convenience to receive professional auto detailing, paint touch, and dent removal services in one day and at one facility.

We offer many different auto detailing service options but we start by educating you on how to keep your auto in top shape starting by stressing preventative maintenance. When you get a new car, the best time to start a preventative maintenance schedule is immediately, right off of the showroom floor! Apply a coat of paint protection on the vehicle before any harmful elements get on the paint. Currently sun, winter salts, and chemicals in the automatic/self serve car washes are your auto’s biggest enemies. Protect your vehicle’s leather from cracking and fading from the sun’s uv and normal wear and tear with conditioners. The Renew Package is a very popular package for a spring and fall type of maintenance schedule. We stress to keep the vehicle looking like brand new.

Some people have not done very well at a maintenance schedule and have let the auto go for a bit too long. In that case, we have the Showroom Package which will allow us to bring the vehicle back to the condition that it should be in. In addition to this popular auto detailing package, we can touch up paint chips, repair scuffs in bumpers, and remove door dings and dents. When our clients pick up their vehicle, we walk them around the vehicle and show them the difference in the way that the vehicle looks and offer suggestions on yearly maintenance ideas. We actually have customers have a hard time getting in the car after we do our work because they feel they have to take their shoes off to get in. There is a difference in clean and Dynamic clean.

And then we have packages all in between. We have always felt “why wouldn’t you want to look good in what you have spent so much money on to drive?” But the market has changed from the past years and cars are not so “disposable”. There is also a financial reason why you would use our service. For example, the difference in book value on a “good condition” vehicle and “Excellent condition” could swing the value, whether you resale the auto yourself or trade at the dealership, a couple thousand dollars. So, even if you spend $200 a year with our service, you have the auto 4 years, and we swing the value for you at resale time $2000, that’s money well spent!

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