Minor Collision

With Dynamic Auto Detail, minor collision repair is quick and painless — you don’t have to drive around Des Moines with a dented hood, bumper, fender, or door ding any longer. Your vehicle will often be in and out within a day or two, and leave the shop in pre-collision condition.

It can be hard to tell whether collisions are major or minor based on looks alone. As a general rule, minor collisions mean you can still drive your vehicle as normal. If you’re unsure if it’s minor or major, take it to our shop right away. Our professionals can make sure it’s not classified as a major collision with deeper damage than just what meets the eye. Examples of minor damage we see in our auto collision center include:

  • Damaged Bumpers
  • Dented Hoods, Fenders, or Doors
  • Scratches and Scrapes

If the collision damage is minor, Dynamic Auto Detail’s auto collision experts can help restore your beat-up vehicle back to like-new condition. We specialize in those kind of smaller, detailed projects. It’s where we can use our expertise, work our magic, and leave you floored with the result.

Don’t worry too much about minor collision repair cost, either. We specialize in minor collision and pride ourselves in restoring your vehicle at a fraction of the price and half the time of a traditional body shop.

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