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Dynamic Auto Detailing offers some of the best, most affordable paint touch up services in the Des Moines area. Using our state of the art air brushing technology, we can easily repair rock chips, bumper scrapes, cracks, dings and any other minor mishap that your car’s exterior has sustained. We know that car owners take great pride in how their vehicle looks, and we’re here to help. We guarantee that our quality of paint, workmanship and color selection is as good as any shop you’ll find in the Des Moines area – and we offer faster service and more affordable prices too. Our paint touch up process is usually done in a day, and it costs you 30%-50% less than a conventional auto body shop.

Auto body shops can be a hassle. Service often takes forever, and there isn’t a relationship between the shop and the customer. That’s where Dynamic Auto Detailing is different. You simply won’t find the kind of speedy customer service and reasonable prices at other auto body shops that you’ll find with us. We believe in being up front and fair with our customers, which is why we’ve been one of Des Moines’ premier auto detailing outfits since 1990.

One of the greatest joys of a car is its aesthetic appeal. We want to help you maintain your car’s good looks, as quickly and affordably as we can. At Dynamic Auto Detailing, we don’t think that touching up a car’s paint needs to be an ordeal – we’ll have you and your car driving down the street later the same day, with the exterior looking as mint as the day you purchased it.

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