Interior Repair

Our interior repair specialists have over 18 years of experience returning interior damage to ‘like new’ condition. We repair burns, holes, cracks, tears, rips, and other damage in leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and steering wheels. Carpets, seats and other interior panels can easily be repaired and re-colored.









No matter how hard you try to take care of your car’s interior, it’s inevitable: eventually something will happen. Whether you spill ice cream or your dog scratches holes in your seats, damage to your car’s interior is just part of everyday life. But at Dynamic Auto Detailing, we know that a clean and well-maintained interior is important to dedicated car owners. We offer premier auto interior repair and detailing to our Des Moines and Urbandale customers with top-notch, speedy service and at affordable rates. Our interior repair specialists have over 18 years of experience returning your auto’s interior to mint condition.

Whether your seats have been burned, cracked, torn, or ripped, our dedicated and knowledgeable specialists can repair any interior fabric, be it leather, plastic, vinyl or fabric. Your car’s carpets, seats and interior panels can easily be repaired and re-colored so that your car has that “good as new” feeling and look. A damaged interior can greatly hurt your car’s resale value, so even if you plan on selling your car, swing by Dynamic Auto Detailing first so we can patch it up for maximum aesthetic appeal. With our convenient business hours and speedy service, you can be in and out of our location and be on your way faster than you would at any conventional mechanic and repair shops. Stop in today to get your car’s interior looking as fresh and clean as the day you bought it.

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