Auto Detailing

Our experienced staff uses the highest quality commercial grade products and equipment available. This enables us to produce a finished product far superior to what an individual could achieve in their own garage. We recommend a once-a-year preventative light cleaning and waxing, but whatever services you choose — from interior fabric hot shampoo and extraction to exterior ultra-gloss and swirl free paint polishing and waxing — we are the very best at what we do. There’s clean and there’s DYNAMIC clean!

If you need a great car paint job in West Des Moines, Ankeny, or Urbandale, Dynamic Auto Detailing is your place to go! We do everything from small paint touch up jobs to full car body paint repair. Unfortunately, the road is full of objects and obstacles that can damage or wear down your car’s paint job. Weather elements like snow, rain, and wind gradually take the luster from your car’s paint color. Every day events, like bumping into something in your garage, leave small blemishes and marks. A trip to Dynamic Auto Detailing will take years off the look of your car by repairing small paint chips and scratches. We also frequently help restore car paint jobs after collisions and other accidents.

So don’t delay! Click the button below to see all of our top-notch car repair services and packages, including our work on the inside of your car. Our Complete Interior Package includes everything you need to have the inside of your car looking great, including carpet cleaning, car window polishing, trunk cleaning, and auto upholstery removal and repair. We’ll even shampoo your car’s carpets and clean every small crack and nook in your car. If you want the best auto care and auto detailing in the Des Moines area, come to Dynamic Auto Detailing in Urbandale!

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